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Some Great Space-A Travel Resources

by John W. Jackson Jr. - May 5th, 2022

Some Great Space-A Travel Resources

Summer is prime time for military and veteran families to take advantage of space available (Space-A) travel. Veteran John Jackson is somewhat of an expert in mastering this great military perk. Here are his favorite Space-A travel resources. At the top of the list is his own website which is a wealth of info for military, Space-A travel.

Military Space-A travel resources

UJ Space-A Info

Contains information for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, transportation, base facilities, phone numbers, attractions, and Space-A contacts for every Space-A location in the world.

Space-A Travelers of USA

A military Space-A closed Facebook group that has many knowledgeable administrators to help you with any questions you may have or information you may need.

UJ Space-A Traveling Club

This Facebook page is a great way to reduce the costs of traveling. You can find someone to traveling to the same location and share lodging, transportation, and other expenses.

UJ Space-A House Swap/Lodging

This Facebook page is a great resource if you would like to swap houses with another Space-A traveler to eliminate or reduce lodging and/or transportation costs. You can also list a rental or free lodging option for those traveling Space-A. This is for Space-A travel ONLY.

Poppin’ Smoke

This is another website dedicated to retired military. Poppin' Smoke is managed by an Army spouse and has lots of great information about how Space-A works, particularly for retired military.

Military installation passenger terminals

Most military installations with a passenger terminal have a Facebook page. These sites have basic information about the passenger terminal and the Space-A process, along with upcoming and past flights, destinations, and how many Space-A passengers each flight accommodated.

John W. Jackson Jr.

John W Jackson Jr. retired from the Air Force in 1993. He’s been married for just over 38 years. They have a son and four grandsons and have lived in the Philippines for the past seven years. John is an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys, John Wayne, Hank Williams Jr, and listening to older country music. When he is not involved with the Empire Builder series games or playing dominoes, he offers sage advice on using Space A travel.