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Selling Your Home: The Importance of Curb Appeal

by Daniella Horne - October 13th, 2021

Selling Your Home: The Importance of Curb Appeal

With every PCS season comes the question, “should we buy a homerent or live in military housing?” 

If you have bought a home before and are currently thinking of selling your home to tackle another PCS, or looking for a different home to better suit your needs, then listen up! A major factor to selling your home is how others see it and how it attracts them to potentially buy it. 

Everyone mentions how important it is to keep your home clutter-free, painted, organized, clean and freshly scented on the interior. But what about how your home looks from the outside?

The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers will look at as they approach your front door. They desire a welcoming feel for their future home. At times, an unpleasant exterior will keep buyers from even looking inside a home. Curb appeal helps maximize your property value and it helps your home to be presented in a vibrant and fresh way to buyers. 

Let’s get your curb appeal on the right track as you get ready to sell your home. 


If you are planning to sell your home, start by taking care of your grass. The front yard areas, shrubs, foliage, bushes and trees could be an eye sore for some when not properly maintained. If you have set a budget for curb appeal, start with more cost-effective areas, such as grass. Plant seeds and water your grass to keep it healthy and green. Dying shrubs and neglected potted plants can be trimmed or removed to make your front porch more approachable. If you need help with trees and have extra wiggle room in your budget, then hiring a landscaping company to help you remove branches and drying foliage would be helpful. A fresh bed of mulch can be a quick fix for some areas surrounding the front of your home. For a final touch, add hanging plant baskets on your porch if possible.  

Home Exterior

Now that the landscape is taken care of, start making a list of all the items on the exterior of the home that might need to be fixed. Take a close look at your windows. Make sure all of them are sealed properly and cleaned. Check light fixtures around your porch and change light bulbs if needed or use different lighting. Make sure your front door is clean or use new paint to refresh it. Do the same for your garage door! Pressure-wash your driveway and porch since these tend the get very dirty.  Clean and store all items around the exterior of the house that you are not using. No lawn equipment, tools, cleaning supplies, or trash bins should be outside; place them back where they belong after using them. Don’t forget your gutters! You can do this yourself or hire a professional.

Add Some Decor!

Keeping your porch decorated for each season brings life to your home, but don’t overdo it. Keep your front door simply decorated with a beautiful wreath, some hanging or potted plants, a simple welcome mat and seating space if there is room. You might have these already. If so, make sure they are clean. A porch swing or rocking chairs feel welcoming and potential buyers might love to try them out and picture themselves sitting on the porch. 

Other Curb Appeal Tips

Think of replacing your mailbox if it is bad shape, or paint it and spruce it up with some flowers and plants. Make sure all your house numbers are in good condition as well. Replace them if necessary. You can update your window curtains, blinds, and screens–anything that is visible from the outside. Finally, update your doorbell. If you have more time for curb appeal, you can also change up small fixtures such as door handles, outlet covers, and lighting covers. Add garden lights to light up the path to the front door.

Keep in mind that many people have a great eye to spot flaws. Even the smallest things can bring their home purchase to a standstill. Plan ahead, do your research and be prepared to sell your home. I know the list of things to do can be overwhelming, and selling your home is not an easy task, but that is why the professional help is out there. Working with a real estate agent can make the experience easier on you and your family as you get ready for your next adventure. 

Remember that PCSgrades is here for you along the way to guide you and support you throughout your military lifestyle and beyond. 

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Daniella Horne

Writer and blogger, veteran, military spouse, and mother of two. Currently living in Hawaii. Loves hiking, beach days, crafting, volunteering and spending time with family. Follow her adventures on her blog or check out her Instagram @mommaandsprouts