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7 Reasons Why Reviewing Your Moving Company is Important

by PCSgrades Staff - October 7th, 2022

7 Reasons Why Reviewing Your Moving Company is Important

Every year, PCS season seems to sneak up on us. You know PCS season is coming, yet you still manage to forget the next military move is looming.

It all starts when your service member comes home with orders and it doesn’t end until the last box is unpacked – or, more likely until the last few boxes are hidden in the corner of the garage.

Between those steps comes a lot of stress. Dealing with people who don’t seem to care about your stress (or your belongings) only adds to the stress. While there is no way to erase the emotional tension that accompanies a relocation, you can and should have a voice in the process.

Step 1: Breathe Step 2: Read the reviews on moving companies Step 3: Research your new dusty station and housing options Step 4: Unpack and settle in Step 5: Review your moving company so others can make informed decisions

Read that last one again.

Reviewing your moving company may sound crazy, but it's also so important. When was the last time the government asked your opinion about anything, and actually listened? Well, they are not the only ones who care about the information. Your military community cares. And in fact, they need you!

7 reasons why your review matters

1. Reviews impact the future of military moves

Many moving companies are concerned about online review forums. Legitimate reviews from verified military members in an open, third-party forum have a much bigger impact than anonymous/un-verified reviews. It is certainly more effective than venting in a closed group on Facebook.

2. Details matter for PCS moves

A one-star review without any details isn't very helpful. What was the problem? Were the movers not on time? Did they break something? Lose furniture? Or did that person just not like they way they smelled?

Thorough, detailed reviews can highlight the shortcomings of a particular company, so you can better guard against them. It also gives other families an idea of things to look out for.

3. You have a choice for military moves

PCSgrades’ reviews of Moving Companies can help with your “choices” and yes, you actually do have a say in the matter. You can always choose DITY/PPM or partial DITY/PPM – and we have tips for that too. In some cases, you can request to work with or not to work with a particular moving company (although still subject to DoD approval). If you read reviews about your moving company that indicate a history of damaged electronics, would you consider a partial DITY for your most precious electronics?  

4. There is strength in numbers

Every review that gets submitted strengthens the voice of our community, providing a little more control for our fellow military families. This level of instant feedback and researched confidence hasn’t existed in the PCS process before. You're helping the next military family, and who knows if one of their reviews may be helpful to you in the future?

5. You’ll feel good about leaving a review

We all want quality moving companies that we can trust. Reviews from the military and veteran community can provide peace of mind that your belongings will be treated with respect. You have the power to offer that peace of mind to another family. Or to gain it for yourself by reading the free reviews on PCSgrades!

6. You can build the database of military movers

You can provide Military and Veteran Support Organizations with reputable data from your reviews so they can wield even greater authority when engaged in advocacy on behalf of military families everywhere.

7. Continue the PCS conversation

The PCSgrades review process is meant to encourage and reward positive behavior among the companies and professionals we all do business with. The review process allows participating companies and PCSgrades members to start a conversation. When they perform well, the entire military community should be informed and take note. Those movers will be in high demand next season! And if a moving company doesn't measure up... well, we all want to know and share that information too.

As military families, we don't always get to have a voice or opinion about the logistics of military life. But we do have options when it comes to military moves and using military moving companies. Share your experience and use your voice to help other military families by reviewing your moving company today!

PCSgrades Staff