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Naval Air Station Oceana

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Naval Air Station Oceana

Off-Base Neighborhoods

There are varied types of housing in the area. Virginia Beach is home to many military bases, so there are many options to rent or buy near Oceana. Norfolk provides an urban setting, while Virginia Beach and Chesapeake are more suburban. The Suffolk and Smithfield areas are more rural.

New Construction and historical districts are not as common in Virginia Beach, but they are available in the surrounding cities.

On Base Housing

Lincoln Military manages base housing at Oceana and Dam Neck bases. There are five neighborhoods: three for enlisted families, and two for officers. The enlisted housing is considered base housing, even though each neighborhood is located a few miles away from base, in Virginia Beach. Some of the housing is older. Most options are duplex or townhouse-style homes with 2, 3, or 4-bedroom layouts.


There are no schools on the Oceana base, so military families living on or off base will attend Virginia Beach schools. Closeby you have the highly sought after elementary, middle ,and especially high schools associated with the Ocean Lakes communities.

Cost of Living and BAH

Unfortunately, the cost of living in Virginia Beach has risen, and Oceana BAH has not exactly kept up with it. This area is more affordable than Northern Virginia, but not as affordable as rural Virginia. The current market is very competitive for sales--rentals and listings sometimes go in days.

Typically the BAH does not cover both housing and utilities, so do your research and be prepared for out-of-pocket utility payments. Oceana BAH varies depending on rank and whether or not you have dependents. To determine your BAH at Oceana, use our BAH calculator.

BAH Calculator

Housing Costs

Unless you're coming from DC or NYC, the prices of the homes per square foot will shock you, especially in Virginia Beach. Find what is most important to you as far as area or neighborhood, and be willing to either go up in price or cut a few expectations.


You can expect four seasons in Virginia. There are mild winters and warmer summers. Most years we get a small amount of snow in the winter months. Occasional Tropical storms or hurricanes are common July thru Sept. There are flooding corners in certain areas mainly in low lying areas of Norfolk, Portsmouth, and targeted areas within certain communities.

Base Amenities

NAS Oceana shares resources with the nearby small base of Dam Neck. On NAS Oceana, you will find the Aeropalms Water Park, which is popular for pool parties, the Flight Line Fitness Center, the Hornet's Nest Gym, an Outdoor Sports Complex, and Tennis Courts.

MWR offers a variety of classes for families at these locations. Oceana also has a bowling alley, a movie theater, a skeet & archery range, and a picnic park near the main gate. The Oceana Commissary is open 7 days a week.

Area Attractions

There is just about everything in Virginia Beach and near NAS Oceana: nightclubs, family-friendly activities, state parks, and water activities. You'll discover multiple tourist activities and areas to explore. There are oceanfront shops, restaurants, and tourist entertainment in Virginia Beach. Visit the town center for festivals, music, and restaurants. There is a Theater for occasional events and Museums throughout the surrounding cities.

These attractions are popular among military families in the area around Oceana:

  • Enjoy the miles of beaches, restaurants, and seaside shops in Virginia Beach.

  • Visit Norfolk, stroll along the downtown waterfront on the banks of the Elizabeth River, or stop by the Norfolk Waterside Marketplace, which offers retail shops and dining.

  • Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

  • Virginia Zoological Park

  • Chrysler Museum

  • Norfolk Botanical Gardens

  • Hampton Roads Naval Museum

  • Children's Museum of Virginia

  • Colonial Williamsburg is only an hour away, offering historical areas and tours.

  • The Blue Ridge Parkway is 3-4 hours from Fort Story, offering mountain getaways.

  • North Carolina's Outer Banks is just across the border, 45mins - 1.5 hours drive.

  • Public Hunting areas in Virginia are 1-2 hours away.

Food and Drink

Common Areas for popular restaurants in Virginia Beach include Red Mill, Oceanfront & Town Center. These areas serve a variety of chain restaurants and local favorites.

Virginia Beach is a versatile city, serving all types of dishes, so you will find plenty to enjoy.

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