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Minot AFB

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Minot AFB

Off-Base Neighborhoods

For those looking to live off base, Minot is the nearest town and it's about 30 minutes away. Because of this, and the harsh winters, most people prefer to live on base. The North Hill Neighborhood is a newer option. They have duplexes and single-family homes.

On Base Housing

Balfour Beatty Communities operates the housing neighborhoods on base. They offer three neighborhoods: North Point, Prairie Rose Estates, and Sunflower Haven. The homes all include garages, spacious yards, and storage space, and most are within walking distance of the schools, commissary, and other base amenities.


The schools on base and off are part of the Minot School District. There are two elementary schools and one middle school on Minot AFB, and the high school is off base. Dakota Elementary School and North Plains Elementary School serve the families on base and are on opposite sides of the installation. There is a canal that runs through the neighborhoods that serves as the divider. Middle school students attend Memorial Middle School, also on base. High schoolers go off base to one of the high schools in Minot, approximately 30 minutes away.

Cost of Living and BAH

The cost of living in North Dakota is slightly below the national average, but many find the cost of living in Minot to be higher because of the remote location. Minot AFB BAH is lower than most installations, which may affect your budget if you chose to live off-base. 

Minot AFB BAH varies depending on rank and whether or not you have dependents. To determine your BAH at Minot, use our BAH calculator.

BAH Calculator

Housing Costs

Families looking to live off-base find the housing market to be more expensive than their BAH covers. The median sales price home in Minot is $225,000, at about $112 per square foot. Families stationed in the area often struggle to find a home to rent within their BAH.


Residents dismiss the idea of four seasons in the area and say that Minot has winter and "not winter" only. Spring and Fall may make an appearance, but they don't stick around long. Temperatures are very cold in the winter-- well below freezing. The summer can bring a range of temperatures in the 50s and up, and often hailstorms.

Base Amenities

Minot AFB has four indoor play areas for kids, a bowling alley, and a movie theater, though they are often open at odd hours. The Youth Center is conveniently located in the middle of the housing area. The McAdoo Fitness and Sports Center is a large facility with an indoor pool and there is a heated, outdoor pool open in the summer. The commissary is open six days a week (closed on Mondays). The Exchange is open daily with food court favorites Taco Bell, Charleys, Popeyes, and Subway.

Area Attractions

Minot hosts the North Dakota State Fair each July, which brings carnival rides, food, and musical entertainment to the area. The Roosevelt Park Zoo--the oldest zoo in North Dakota--is also in Minot. You can also visit the Scandinavian Heritage Park, which honors the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. 

In the immediate area, there are some fun things to do, like indoor putt-putt at The Putt District. You can also check out Main Street Books, Margie's Art Studio, and the Gourmet Chef. 

People who love the outdoors will find lots to do here. From fishing and boating to hiking and hunting, there are plenty of opportunities. Check out the Peace Gardens in the Turtle Mountains in neighboring Canada. 

If you're up for a longer adventure, there are a few options within a day's drive, including Fargo, Sioux Falls, Billings, Minneapolis (Mall of America!), and Winnipeg or Moose Jaw in Canada.

Food and Drink

Downtown Minot has some great options for date nights or time out with friends. For coffee, breakfast, or lunch, check out Prairie Sky Breads. For dinner, residents suggest The Starving Rooster, Off the Vine, or 10th North Main. If you're up for drinks, get the code word to enter Saul's Speakeasy.

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