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What is PCSgrades?

So... you're relocating to yet another unfamiliar part of the country and the clock is ticking as you struggle with all the typical must-solve items. Where do you turn to for reliable information about Off-Base Neighborhoods, Base/Post Housing, REALTORS®, Mortgage Lenders, Moving Companies, Schools & more!

What if you could read reviews exclusively by and for the people we trust most... our fellow military members, veterans, and spouses?

Help us help each other and Every review submitted provides our community a little more control and creates a little more transparency amongst the companies and professionals we all must do business with.

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Membership Features

Cash Back

The average cash back rebate on commissions for REALTORS® selected through our site is $1,955.00. (In states where allowed by law.)

Your Voice Heard

Every review submitted empowers military & veteran families with more choice and more control over a frustrating and difficult process.

Exclusive to Military & Veteran Families

We are founded by military members, veterans, and spouses and exclusively available for the same.

Subscription Free

Our service is provided at zero cost to military and veteran families.

Advertisement Free

We aren't beholden to advertisers and you won't be bombarded by annoying pop-up ads. (We hate them too.)

You're in Control

Professionals and communities are only featured when first reviewed by verified military members, veterans, or spouses.

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Our Team

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Todd Ernst

Co-Founder, CEO
Portrait photo for Tony Straw

Tony Straw

Co-Founder, COO
Portrait photo for Jenah Wieczorek

Jenah Wieczorek

Social Media Coordinator & Base Advocate
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Carla Olivo

Communications Coordinator
Portrait photo for Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer Hernandez

Business Development
Portrait photo for C.C. Gallagher

C.C. Gallagher

Strategic Relationships
Portrait photo for Amy Clements

Amy Clements

Business Relations Consultant & Spouse Advisor
Portrait photo for Kathleen Whittle

Kathleen Whittle

Army Spouse Advisor
Portrait photo for Chris Pape

Chris Pape

Air Force Spouse Advisor
Portrait photo for Ollie Crawford

Ollie Crawford

Military & Veteran Organizations Advisor
Portrait photo for Reagan Greer

Reagan Greer

Real Estate Broker Advisor
Portrait photo for John Hudson

John Hudson

Mortgage Lender Advisor

Get Cash Back

All real estate agents selected through PCSgrades provide 20% cash back rebates to their clients from their commission on the sale of a home. In states where allowed by law. (More...)


Average Rebate for purchase price

This calculation is an estimate of the rebate you will receive, based on REALTOR commission, which is negotiated between the seller and listing agent. The actual rebate amount may vary, and is only offered in states where allowed by law.

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