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Giving a voice to our 
fellow military & veteran families

Through Trusted Reviews on Neighborhoods, Base/Post Housing, REALTORS®, Mortgage Lenders, Moving Companies, Schools & more!


Proud Partners

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What is PCSgrades?

Our team of military members, veterans, and spouses is bringing a voice to our community that has never existed before on the toughest must‐solve relocation problems. to share reviews on neighborhoods, base housing, REALTORS®, mortgage lenders, schools and more, with the people we trust the most… our fellow military families!

Every review creates a little more control for all of us and transparency with the businesses we all must deal with when it’s our turn to relocate… again. Together, we can truly make a difference!

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Membership Features

Get Cash Back

Receive 20% cash back on all REALTOR® sales commissions (In states where allowed by law). AND receive discounts on closing costs from select Mortgage Lenders.

The Most Reputable Real Estate Professionals & Businesses

REALTORS®, Mortgage Lenders, and others earn their grades from the people we trust the most…our fellow military members, veterans, and spouses.

Exclusive to Military & Veteran Families

We are founded by military members, veterans, and spouses and exclusively available for the same.

Your Voice Heard

Every review provides a little more control for all of us and transparency with the businesses we all must deal with.

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Our Team

Click a photo or name to view bio

Portrait photo for Todd Ernst

Todd Ernst

Founder & CEO
Portrait photo for Jenah Wieczorek

Jenah Wieczorek

Director of Community Outreach
Portrait photo for Carla Olivo

Carla Olivo

Communications Director
Portrait photo for Rebecca Alwine

Rebecca Alwine

Social Media Director
Portrait photo for Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer Hernandez

Business Development
Portrait photo for C.C. Gallagher

C.C. Gallagher

Strategic Relationships
Portrait photo for Kate Christofides

Kate Christofides

Real Estate Agent Advisor
Portrait photo for Kathleen Whittle

Kathleen Whittle

Army Spouse Advisor
Portrait photo for Chris Pape

Chris Pape

Air Force Spouse Advisor
Portrait photo for Natasha Harth

Natasha Harth

Marine Corps Spouse Advisor
Portrait photo for Stacey Benson

Stacey Benson

Coast Guard Spouse Advisor

Get Cash Back

All real estate agents selected through PCSgrades provide 20% cash back rebates to their clients from their commission on the sale of a home. In states where allowed by law. (More...)

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Rebate Estimator


This estimator uses a 3% REALTOR commission. The actual rebate amount may vary based upon the commission agreed to between the seller and listing agent. Rebates are not allowed in AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MS, MO, OK, OR, and TN.




The Military & Veteran Family
taking care of each other.